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Compassionate Vet Care - mobile veterinarian euthanasia
Dr. Clark strives to provide excellent, mobile veterinary care to patients in
El Dorado, Amador, and Placer counties.

This includes Placerville, Cool, Shingle Springs, Somerset, Fair Play, Garden Valley, and Georgetown.
If you have an emergency, or if a
veterinary practitioner is not available in your area, call (530) 771-7770.
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Pet euthanasia is performed by appointment. Please call (530) 770-7771 to make an appointment.
The most frequently asked questions about euthanasia are shown below.

1. What is euthanasia?
The term euthanasia means "good death" and is a way to help an animal die peacefully and pain free. Having helped many pets who were suffering from cancer, chronic pain, or serious illness, Dr. Clark is a firm believer that euthanasia is the final and most caring gift we can give our animals. 

2. Why is in-home euthanasia better?
In-home euthanasia is often less stressful for your pet. There are no waiting rooms, no strangers and no odd smells. Pets simply fall asleep in the comfort of their favorite spot surrounded by familiar objects and loved people.
The calm and warmth surrounding an in-home euthanasia allows for gentle and soothing closure.

3. What does euthanasia entail?
When Dr. Clark comes to your house, she will perform a brief physical exam on your pet. If your pet is ready to be euthanized, Dr. Clark will then administer a strong sedative. Once he or she is asleep and not feeling any pain,
Dr. Clark will inject very strong pain medication directly into a vein. This lets your pet drift away in a very relaxed and happy state. 

4. When are appointments available? 
Appointments are available 7 days a week. Please call (530) 770-7771 to make an appointment. Unless prior arrangements have been made, dogs and cats who are suffering or fall ill between 8pm and 6am should be taken to an emergency veterinary hospital. 

5. Why make an appointment to euthanize my pet? 
Unless there's a tragic event, planning a euthanasia prevents people from feeling like they've rushed into a decision.
It allows the whole family to participate in the decision making process and prepare for what's to come.
To make an appointment please call (530) 770-7771.

6. Can my children be present? 
Calm, well behaved children are welcome to be present if you'd like, but if they are making the pet too excited, Dr. Clark may request that they leave. If you would like for Dr. Clark to use words like heaven or reincarnation, please let Dr. Clark know so that she can make you all comfortable.  

7. What if I'm not sure that my pet is ready? Is hospice care available?
Dr. Clark is happy to talk with you over the phone (530) 771-7770 to discuss your animal's quality of life and whether it may be time for him or her to be euthanized. Many people also request an in-home consultation to evaluate the pet and see if there is anything else that may increase your pet's comfort. Together, Dr. Clark and your family can work on maintaining a pain-free life until your pet begins to have more bad days than good ones. 

8. What animals do you euthanize at home?
Dogs, cats, pocket pets (like hamsters), reptiles, and livestock. Dr. Clark does not euthanize horses. 

9. What if my cat or dog is very aggressive?
State law dictates that veterinarians cannot euthanize a dog or cat who has bitten a person in the past 15 days. Otherwise, Dr. Clark is able to safely sedate a pet before euthanizing him or her. 

10. What do I do with my pet's body?
If your county allows it, you are welcome to bury your pet in your yard. Please make sure he or she is over one foot deep to prevent wildlife from digging up your pet. Your animal cannot be left above ground because the drugs used are toxic to wildlife.

If you do not wish to bury your pet, cremation is also available. You may take your pet to a crematorium or Dr. Clark can arrange to have him or her delivered. Cremation fees vary on the size of the pet and whether or not you would like the ashes returned.

11. What do you charge?
A house-call fee is charged according to how far from Placerville you live. The fee for the euthanasia depends on how large your pet is. A 10 pound Yorkshire terrier requires less drug than a 150 pound goat. Crematoria establish their own fees. Please feel free to call, and Dr. Clark will give you an estimate. It is easier to take care of payment via check or cash before the euthanasia. This allows your family time to grieve without interference.

12. A friend's dog barked after it was euthanized. What happened? 
Sometimes a barking sound occurs as the air in a dog's lungs escapes after death. Some animals also sigh, stretch or move their feet. This is a normal reflex. Yyour pet is not awake or feeling any pain. Dr. Clark will confirm that your pet is deceased before she leaves. 

13. Will you euthanize my pet in his favorite spot outside? 
Dr. Clark is happy to work with you and your pet in the living room, outside in the yard or in another soothing and safe place.

Appointments: To make an appointment contact Dr. Clark by calling (530) 771-7770.

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Appointments. Please contact Dr. Clark for an appointment by calling (530) 771-7770.

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